Is Dental X-rays safe during pregnancy?

Most of the women are aware that dental x-rays are safe. That is because they have been routinely given since the 1950s. However, many p pregnant women do not know that they can get a dental x-ray while they are pregnant. This is because they are concerned about radiation exposure to the foetus. The only part of your body exposed to radiation during the dental x-ray is your mouth. While this type of x-ray does not emit high levels of X rays like other types of x-rays, it does expose you to a very small amount of radiation over time. The American Dental Association, American College of Radiology, and the American College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology say that it is safe for women to

receive an x-ray during pregnancy if their doctor approves it based on his or her own examination and exam report from a radiology technician.

What are Dental X-rays?

To help you make a completely informed decision about getting dental X-rays at the same time as pregnant, let’s stop for a fast minute to first recognize what diagnostic X-rays are and the way they work. An x-ray is a kind of electromagnetic radiation that passes via most gadgets, which include your body. When X-rays travel through any part of your body to an X-ray detector on the opposite side, an image appears displaying the “shadows” shaped by means of the gadget’s interior. Bones and teeth are dense, so they produce a high evaluation and show up white on the X-ray film or digital image. Any holes, like breaks in your bone or cavities to your enamel, show up in shades of

grey. An X-ray also can help spot dental troubles like teeth decay and gum disease which can also require further procedures.

What does Research say?

Research says the only part of your body that will be exposed to radiation during an x-ray is your mouth. You may need to be exposed to loads of radiation at some point of being pregnant for it to harm a growing infant. The amount of radiation that one is exposed to for the duration of a general dental x-ray is .02mSV radiation. You will ought to be uncovered to at the least 2,500 times that quantity for you or your baby to be harmed via it. Its also important to notice that the small amount of radiation which you are exposed to will most effective be on your mouth. The baby will not be exposed to it.

What do Dentists recommend?

Dentists suggest that you get dental x-rays because they consider that the advantages outweigh the risks. Retaining your mouth healthy is one of the matters that you can do to preserve a healthy being pregnant. A dental x-ray can detect early signs of tooth decay and gum disorder. Its far anticipated that forty percentage of women have gum sickness while they are pregnant. This needs to be treated because could be dangerous to both mom and infant. The microorganism can turn out to be in the bloodstream and motive complications. While research remains ongoing, some researches have advised that gum infections are linked to untimely delivery. You may need to allow your dentist to recognize in case you are pregnant. everyone should wear a lead apron during an x-ray. Lead aprons were shown to block radiation exposure by using 90 percent. The American Dental association has additionally recommended that everybody put on a neck collar with the intention to defend the thyroid. due to the fact dental x-rays are generally only endorsed once a year, you will probably only want one during pregnancy. but your oral care needs will decide how often you want to get a dental x-ray.


If you are having dental problems and cannot get into your dentist, make an appointment with us that has experience treating pregnant women. You should not worry about getting a dental x-ray during pregnancy. The best thing you can do is to keep up with your regular dental check-ups while you are pregnant.